Associate Organisations

With rugby being a team sport, each member of the team has a crucial role to play, and more so when a devastating injury changes the life of one of their own. We are grateful for the support that we receive from organisations closely linked to the game.

SA Rugby

The South African Rugby Union (SARU) is the governing body for rugby in South Africa. It is a federation of 14 independent rugby unions covering the length and breadth of the country.

With this national scope and influence, a natural relationship with The Players’ Fund was formed, leading to the Fund being identified as the official charity of the Springboks. This is recognized with an annual grant, as well as SARU representation on the Players’ Fund board of trustees.

This ensures that rugby union players in South Africa are never forgotten once unable to participate in the game. An annual fundraising event which mobilizes corporate South Africa to play their part in taking care of rugby’s own, takes place. This is made possible by the keen involvement of SA Rugby and the attendance of the full Springbok Squad with their management. An opportunity which is highly sought after in South Africa. This partnership is invaluable and allows the Players’ Fund to continue playing the role of “Rugby’s Caring Hands”.

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BokSmart, the National Rugby Safety Programme, is a joint initiative between the South African Rugby Union and the Players’ Fund. The main pillars of the programme are focused on: Injury prevention, injury management, rugby safety and player performance. 

It is also through this national network that the Players’ Fund office is alerted of serious injuries as soon as they occur to enable the Fund to be there from the very beginning.

The BokSmart Spineline is a dedicated emergency helpline solely for potential serious concussion, head, neck and spine injuries sustained during a rugby match or practice. The 0800 678 678 number will fast track emergency treatment and medical management of the seriously injured rugby player 24 hours per day from anywhere in the country. The toll free number is linked to a National Emergency Service Provider, ER24 who provides the necessary advice, initial telephonic screening, and dispatches or arrange suitable transportation of the injured player to the nearest and most appropriate medical facility. 

The Players’ Fund also supports the BokSmart initiative #VisionZero. The key motivation behind #VisionZero is to aim for that ultimate point where there are eventually no more rugby-related catastrophic spinal injuries, traumatic brain injuries, cardiac fatalities and severe concussions.

As a secondary focus #VisionZero also extends to other areas of the game where full adherence to rugby safety regulations is achieved through safe playing fields, all referees and coaches being BokSmart certified, and the minimum medical staffing and equipment being provided at all matches, among other factors. (inclusion of the #VisionZero logo)

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The QuadPara Association of South Africa

The QuadPara Association of South Africa (QASA) is a non-profit organisation (NPO 000-881) which represents Quadriplegics and Paraplegics in South Africa. There is provision for any person to become a member of the organisation.  The organisation is predominantly staffed and managed by people with disabilities.

QASA’s mission is to be an effective coordinating, policy-making and supporting organisation striving to prevent spinal cord injury and to promote and protect the interests of people with mobility impairments through advocacy, lobbying and delivery of services and products to people with disabilities. With our recipients looking into a future of living with a disability, the network provided by QASA is invaluable and allows for networking and a support base with those in similar positions to themselves.

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South African Provincial Rugby Unions and Franchises

Serious and life changing injuries know no boundaries and can happen on any field in South Africa, at any time. Being able to offer support where the accident occurs is paramount. The Players’ Fund rely on a team approach with these rugby communities their various representatives and officials being called on to provide on-the-ground assistance when required.

Sponsors and Partners

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” – African Proverb
We are grateful for individuals and corporate companies alike who choose to partner us in our efforts to ensure that no South African rugby player ever feels forgotten.


Remaining transparent, accountable and stable requires the guidance and regular auditing of our finances. This service is generously sponsored and performed by BDO which sets the Fund apart from many other local charity organisations.

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Blue Bulls Rugby Union

A wheelchair accessible suite has been made available for rugby enthusiasts with disabilities at Loftus Versveld. Tickets and catering are sponsored by the Blue Bulls Rugby Union for all match days with a regular contingent of Players’ Fund recipients visiting the suite to enjoy the rugby with their friends and family.

Read more about the various rugby suites around the country available to fans using wheelchairs here:

Tsogo Sun

With 45 years of experience, Tsogo Sun Hotels are the leading hotel group in Africa, providing world-class accommodation, restaurants and entertainment across all market segments, with unequaled levels of service to both the local and international traveler. Tsogo Sun Hotels are proud to be associated with the Fund as the Official Hotel and Experience partner.

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Western Province Rugby Union

A suite for rugby enthusiasts with physical disabilities as well as match day tickets for all who attend has been set in a 99 year lease. The suite enables rugby fans with physical disability to enjoy the games out of what can often be cold and harsh Cape Town weather. The DHL Stormers, the SupeRugby franchise of the WP Rugby Union also commit one evening a year where the full team and management attend a formal fundraising dinner hosted by Kelvin Grove in aid of the Players’ Fund. 

Read more about the various rugby suites around the country available to fans using wheelchairs here:

Nurture Health Aurora Hospital

Nurture Health Aurora Hospital in the Eastern Cape specializes in physical rehabilitation and sub-acute care provided to patients with a wide range of disabilities caused by disease or injury. Aurora is a part of the national network of Nurture Health Hospital network which extends throughout South Africa. 

In early 2009, a young rugby player from Port Elizabeth sustained a spinal cord injury whilst playing for his school team. The damage was extensive and following spinal surgery to stabilise the injury, he required transfer from hospital to a specialist centre that offered rehabilitation. As none were available in the public sector, the Players’ Fund were called upon to try and assist in finding a suitable facility in the Eastern Cape for him to move to in order to learn how to live as a quadriplegic.

It took one phone call to Dr Rob Campbell (Aurora Hospital Director at the time). He suggested that the Players’ Fund arrange a transfer to Aurora for this young man and a 16 week spinal rehabilitation programme was offered to him free of charge.

This generous arrangement still stands and is offered to one spinal injured rugby player from the Eastern Cape per year. 

To read more about the Nurture Health network of hospitals, please visit:

Charles Glass Society

Charles Glass Society

This is a social  organisation which hosts monthly evening gatherings at the SA Brewery in Newlands, Cape Town where members and guests of the society can meet, enjoy a beer or two and  hear the unique and interesting stories from both local and international personalities. Invited speakers from most sporting codes, national sporting legends and adventurers, have made the  historic list of guest speakers which include; Paddy Upton, Bob Skinstad, David Grier, Gary Gold, Kyle Brown and Jean de Villiers. Each year the committee selects a number of local charities to which a generous donation is made  to support people in need. We are tremendously grateful for this consistent support.

Rugbytots South Africa

These rugby themed, fun and carefully structured play sessions take children on a journey of sporting imagination with engaging and energetic coaches supporting them every step of the way. The aim is to teach 2-7 year olds how to catch, pass, kick, run with the ball and play as part of a team. The South African region of this international programme nominated the Players’ Fund as their charity of choice in 2018.

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Jenny Mitchell Design

Jenny Mitchell Design

Essential graphic design needs are met by long-standing pro-bono designer Jenny Mitchell who has been helping us for many years. 

Lionel Johnson Memorial Golf Day

Lionel Johnson Memorial Golf Day

This Golf Day is held each year in July on the anniversary of the British Open, when more than 20 different ‘old boys from Zimbabwean and South African schools gather in KwaZulu-Natal (KZN) to battle out historic rivalry and reaffirm ageless camaraderie. The Players’ Fund is one of three charities that receive proceeds from this event each year.

South African National Golden Oldies Rugby Association

The first Golden Oldies festival was hosted by The Hamilton Rugby Club in Cape Town in 1983 and soon after that The South African National Golden Oldies Rugby Association (SANGORA) was formed and the world of Veteran Rugby in SA was born.

Annual Golden Oldies Festivals are held in the various host towns around the country where gentlemen over the age of 35 exchange rugby skills on the field and social skills off the field. 

As of 2018 the Players’ Fund was positioned as the charity of choice for these events. To read more, visit:

Players 4 Players

This private fundraising initiative is run by four ex-rugby players who wanted to give back to a game that gave them so much. Whilst they all have full time jobs and families of their own, they manage to put together one event a year, and every cent of what is raised is in aid of the Players’ Fund.

In 2019 the hosted their 10th annual event.

Kelvin Grove

Through an annual dinner with the DHL Stormers team, bowls days and luncheons before Springbok test matches, this local Cape Town sports club has managed to raise over       R1 million for the Players’ Fund in over 15 years. A remarkable feat showing a long-term commitment which we are honoured to have been the recipients of. 

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Gravit8 host our website and assist with all technical elements of our online business profile. This is a relationship which stemmed from the long-term link to the Players 4 Players group who have been raising money for the Players’ Fund for over 10 years. 

Associated Medical Partners

Without the partners with specialised services and skills required by our recipients we couldn’t function. They understand their value in the chain of injured player support, be it in the acute management phase and / or once the individuals have returned home.

Below are the providers whom form this network:

International Collaborations

We are proud to be part of a global team that supports and uplifts rugby players whose lives have been changed by the game.

Biennial Rugby Safety and Injured Player Welfare workshops are held with representatives from rugby organisations around the world.

These include:

Every Donation Counts

Donations do not necessarily have to be money, you can donate your time or even just share our cause with a friend or colleague.