We support #VisionZero

BokSmart, the National Rugby Safety Programme, is a joint initiative between the South African Rugby Union and the Players’ Fund.

The main pillars of the programme are focused on: Injury prevention, injury management, rugby safety and player performance.

It is also through this national network that the Players’ Fund office is alerted of serious injuries as soon as they occur to enable the Fund to be there from the very beginning.

The BokSmart Spineline is a dedicated emergency helpline solely for potential serious concussion, head, neck and spine injuries sustained during a rugby match or practice.

The 0800 678 678 number will fast track emergency treatment and medical management of the seriously injured rugby player 24 hours per day from anywhere in the country.

The toll free number is linked to a National Emergency Service Provider, ER24 who provides the necessary advice, initial telephonic screening, and dispatches or arrange suitable transportation of the injured player to the nearest and most appropriate medical facility.

The Players’ Fund also supports the BokSmart initiative #VisionZero.

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The key motivation behind #VisionZero is to aim for that ultimate point where there are eventually no more rugby-related catastrophic spinal injuries, traumatic brain injuries, cardiac fatalities and severe concussions.

As a secondary focus #VisionZero also extends to other areas of the game where full adherence to rugby safety regulations is achieved through safe playing fields, all referees and coaches being BokSmart certified, and the minimum medical staffing and equipment being provided at all matches, among other factors.

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