Giving Options

With EFT

Account Name: Chris Burger / Petro Jackson Rugby Players Fund NPO
Branch Code: VINEYARD ROAD 204209
Account Number: 62880005618
Swift Code: FIRNZAJJ

Reference to use for an EFT Payment: Name and Telephone number

If you make use of internet banking, why not consider setting up a recurring monthly payment to pledge your ongoing support to Rugby’s Caring Hands?





Other ways you can help

Charity of the year

If your company is looking to build a long-term relationship with a non-profit organisation, we can work with you to create a bespoke programme of activity that engages your staff and customers over the course of a year or more. We can provide support, resources and inspiration to develop a broad range of events and opportunities, which will give you measurable results and an excellent return on investment.

Fundraising events

If you would like to help raise money to assist Rugby’s Caring Hands, we welcome your support. Please download a copy of our Authority to Fundraise Form, complete and return to or call (021) 928 7000.

With this information we’ll be able to recognise the event and assist where possible. Thank you in advance for your support of the Players’ Fund.

Become a Sponsor

Mobilise your rugby community

If you are involved in rugby and looking to give back to the game, get in contact with our team to see how we can work together for the love of the game.

Whether it is hosting a raffle, fundraising quiz night or auctioning an item for our cause – we’d like to assist and help where we can. Email:

Cause-related marketing

It’s been proven time and again that brands and products that support charitable causes are more likely to out-sell those that do not.

Get a head start on the competition with a cause-related promotional campaign to boost your sales and build customer loyalty. Contact us for more information.

Pay-roll giving

Enable your employees to give back to make a difference by facilitating these gifts on a monthly basis through a payroll deduction.

You can help so much, by only giving a little

As players continue to sustain serious and life-altering injuries, it is vital that we continue to strive for sustainability and necessary growth. We are looking to increase our activity and grant-giving so that we can help as many people as possible. But we can’t do it alone – we need your help.

The Players’ Fund is registered non-profit (003-140) and public benefit (930012744) organisation. To honour the position of being recognised as the official charity of SA Rugby, an annual grant is bestowed to the Fund. The rest of the annual budget is funded entirely by voluntary donations and fundraising activities.

More ways to help

Corporate opportunities and donations

As a registered Non-Profit Organisation and Public Benefit Organisation with Section 18 A approval we are able to provide tax incentives on donations made.

Whether your company is looking to launch a new product, strengthen brand identity, or just build team relationships, a charity partnership with us can help meet your marketing, client, staff and corporate social investment (CSI) objectives through a wide range of opportunities.

Through sponsorship of our events and PBO activities, we can offer logo placement, publicity opportunities, hospitality services and benefit packages to suit your corporate needs.

Ride 4 Rugby’s Caring Hands

If you are an avid cyclist or looking for motivation to get on a bike – we’d like to encourage you to consider choosing Rugby’s Caring Hands as your charity of choice, to partner you on your training journey while working towards your event of choice.

You’ll get to ride in our custom-made cycling jersey and wherever possible, we’ll make your pledge of R5000 well worth the effort. This might even mean having a former Springbok accompany you on a training ride, or getting your name on the hospitality suites at the finish line! We will hold your hand through the online crowdfunding process and boost your story through all our social media platforms. We will also share with you, the stories of the recipients of the Fund, whose lives you’ll be making just a little bit easier through your campaign.

What better reason to get on your bike?

Leave a gift in your will

If you care about our cause and are considering investing this can also be done through a bequest in your will – exempting it from estate duty.

You will need to decide what type of gift you would like to leave and secondly ensure that you use the correct wording when drawing up or updating a will.

Or you may decide to update your will using a codicil. Below are the different types that you can download depending on your preference:

Residuary Legacy – a gift of the remainder of your estate, or a percentage, this is after all other legacies have been made and debts have been cleared.

Monetary Legacy – You can also choose to leave a specific sum of money, also known as a pecuniary gift, which you can arrange to be increased in line with inflation.

Asset Legacy – This is the gift of something valuable like a property, a piece of jewelry or stocks and shares.

*We recommend you consult an attorney when drawing up a new will or updating your current one.

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