Amidst the global chaos caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, there are many recipients of the Players’ Fund who sadly fall into the high-risk category of the population and are under enormous pressure to find ways to put food on their tables for themselves and their families. As Rugby’s Caring Hands, we are committed to helping in all the ways we can…

To date we have allocated a substantial contingency budget to alleviate the situation for our needy recipients. This support is being offered through the purchasing of grocery vouchers and facilitating transport. We also continue to partner our recipients with all their day to day needs and are in regular contact with them to ensure that their health concerns and medical appointments are adhered to as far as possible within the lock-down regulations.

This global pandemic calls for extreme measures that could not have been predicted and we are very grateful to our board of trustees who have responded without hesitating to step in and approve support where we can. We are acutely aware of the current financial scenario of rugby in South Africa during the COVID -19 pandemic and the lock-down and the repercussions which will continue to unfold in the months ahead. With this in mind we will be experimenting with other means of generating an income and remaining a pillar of support for rugby’s fallen heroes.


The first campaign which we will be launching is #Kit2Care which will entail social media based auctions, where rugby personalities will be selecting items from their playing days for this auction. Each item will be available to bid on over a period of 4 days with shipping to the highest bidder as soon as possible.

The first item was donated by our Chairman – Jean de Villiers which you can view here. Other items for the benefit of the #Kit2Care project will be released over the coming months.

While we await news on what the ‘new normal’ in South Africa will end up looking like, we appeal to all the members of our #SupportSquad to keep our recipients in your thoughts and should you be in a position to help us by donating, please do so here.

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