Here are some ideas of how to be a champion to a cause you are passionate about

Since lock-down, we have received a few very kind and generous donations from the public and corporate companies alike. What struck us was how these donors have really given thought as to how they can give back to an organisation whose work they value. For this reason we would like to share some ideas with you to consider for the future.

Choose a cause that moves you

If you are able to, why not put your finances to good use and help make a difference in the lives of others. If there is a particular charitable organisation, project or cause that deals with something near and dear to your heart, setting up a recurring or once off donation is an excellent way to leave a legacy that will have an impact on others. In this way, you will see the positive results of your gift, and know that you’ll continue to help others for years to come.

Pay tribute to someone you love

Another option or idea is to pay tribute to a special person in your life, either at the time of their passing, or on the anniversary of their death?  Or what about celebrating a special milestone birthday by asking friends and family to donate to a charity or organisation of your choice in lieu of gifts or flowers?

In these difficult times, charities need you more now than ever before and we hope that you find these suggestions useful.

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