The Barbarian Rugby Charitable Trust

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“Many years ago, a group of players were chosen to form an elite team. They had no ground, clubhouse or subscription and membership was by invitation only. In essence, they represented a glorious concept brought to life by the vision and enthusiam of one man, William Percy Carpmael. Inspired by his personal playing experiences with both Blackheath and Cambridge University, his dream was to spread good fellowship amongst all rugby football players.The dream became reality on December 27th 1890 at Friary Field, Hartlepool. There, all things great about the game – flair, courage, spirit and passion – were encapsulated in one great team. A team they called the Barbarians.” (

In keeping with the vision of spreading good-fellowship through the game of rugby the Barbarian Rugby Charitable Trust was founded in 2004. The aim of this organisation is to support worthy causes involved in the game of rugby throughout the world.

In 2016 the Players’ Fund was honoured to have been selected as the recipients of a £5000 donation from the Trust. This is a true representation of the spirit of rugby and we look forward to when the Springboks play this invitational side on Saturday 5 November at Wembley Stadium which will be the first meeting in six years.