Do you have a will? If not – there is a way!

South African National Wills week runs from 11-15 September 2017. An initiative spear-headed by the Law Society of SA which aims to highlight the importance of everyone having a legally drafted will. This ensures that those left behind are not faced with additional heartache from conflicts that could arise due to a lack of instruction from their lost loved one.

If you are unsure of if you need a will, read these 6 reasons why everyone should invest the time – Information taken from the Law Society of SA’s website:

  1. It is your right to decide who should inherit your assets
  2. You must ensure your family is provided for in terms of your last wishes
  3. Your assets will be left to the beneficiaries of your choice
  4. The executor who is appointed is someone you know, trust and may have chosen yourself
  5. You will avoid extra or unnecessary costs
  6. You will avoid unhappiness and conflict among members of your family because there are clear instructions on how to distribute your assets

During National Wills Week, various participating attorneys will be offering their services for free.

Why you should use an attorney to draft your will?

  1. A practising attorney is a qualified professional registered with a law society
  2. An attorney has the necessary knowledge and expertise to ensure that your will is valid and complies with all the legal requirements
  3. An attorney helps to ensure that your estate is administered promptly, efficiently
  4. An attorney can advise you on any problem which may arise with your will
  5. An attorney can assist and support your executor

To find a list of attorneys offering this FREE service during National Wills Week – CLICK HERE! 

While drafting your will you will be introduced to the idea that by including charitable donations you could reduce estate taxes.


The Players’ Fund has a bequest programme!
If you are a involved in rugby or love the game please consider helping us keep the wheels moving!


Why the Players’ Fund Bequest Programme?

  • Since the organisation started in 1980 and the many years since then, The Players’ Fund has exhibited staying power. They have helped over 500 rugby players who have sustained life-changing injuries on the rugby field.
  • They have proven that they are the life-line to the players and their families when faced with living life as, or with a person with a disability. Coming to terms with their “new normal” is bigger than one thinks and often a daunting task – partnering them on their journey is what the Players’ Fund does.
  • As all things – equipment, care and basic expenses are ever increasing
  • Despite extensive safety measures and programmes in place, rugby is a contact sport and will always have the risk of injury!
  • Bequests to charitable institutions are also exempt from estate duty. If your estate value is more than three and a half million rand, there may be a savings in the amount of estate duty payable.

To find out more about the Players’ Fund Bequest Programme please CLICK HERE!