Do you remember the very popular Springbok telethon which took place on your TV screens over 10 years ago? Well, we are reintroducing this slightly adjusted concept by providing you with an opportunity to reconnect with a legend captain in this once off offer.

The Players’ Fund has stood resolute in its service to seriously injured rugby players for 40 years (1980 – 2020). Our success has been largely due to the loyal and committed support from the Springboks, both current and passed who recognize us as their official charity.

With limited rugby being played at the moment and the fundraising world adapting to fewer face-to-face events and a more digital presence, the idea of “resurrecting” the Springbok telethon from yesteryear was born. For a number of years prior to 2012, the Players’ Fund and Springboks hosted an annual banquet.  Those who could not attend this social event, were invited to switch on their TVs and take part in a telethon from the comfort of their home, speak to a Springbok and pledge a donation to the Players’ Fund. In 2021, with virtual meetings being the norm, we would like to bridge the gap between South African rugby fans and some of the all-time greats of the game, while also raising money in order to provide essential care and equipment to the recipients of the Players’ Fund.

Rugby fans, fellow South Africans and life-time Springbok supporters are encouraged to visit our donations page to see how one can safely and easily donate to this worthy cause. All donations of R1000 or more will be flagged and these donors will receive a personal call of thanks from a Springbok captain.  Sadly, we cannot confirm who the call will come from, but we know you’ll be in good hands.

We encourage all those who choose to donate to email a proof of payment to to confirm their donations and share your cell phone number so that we can “log the call” with a former leader from the Green and Gold.

The Players’ Fund is registered non-profit (003-140) and public benefit (930012744) organisation and can provide a section 18a certificate for tax rebate purposes.