Injured: 22 July 2006, at age 17, while playing rugby at the Louis Botha Technical College. Alwyn lives with his family in Fauna in Bloemfontein in the Fee State. He is busy studying law at the University of the Free State.

In 2017 Alwyn took his first steps into the legal world and shared his experiences with the Players’ Fund office who were so happy to hear his confidence and determination!

In January 2017 Alwyn wrote…

“Last week was my first week of shadowing at a law firm, for my future job. I was so scared before I started. I didn’t know how I would be received by the other lawyers and if everything would be ‘disabled’-friendly.

Much to my surprise it went well. Great actually. I participated in numerous consultations and trials. The lawyers and magistrates I worked with were great. Everything was wheelchair friendly and I even met some childhood friends whom I had lost contact with, who are now advocates. A senior partner at the firm where I was shadowing, even asked me to send my CV.

2017 - first day of work selfieIf ever I was unsure that being a lawyer is my calling, I’m not unsure anymore. I’m now more determined than ever to walk this path to the finish line. And when I’m admitted as a lawyer, I can even do some pro bono work for the Players’ Fund.

I’m registering for some of my final modules this week and I am also applying to become a tutor for the law students at the university. When they accept my application (holding thumbs), I will be able to earn an income whilst finishing my final modules. I can also add it to my CV as work experience.

Thank you guys for standing by me all these years. I will do you all proud.”