Tsebo Solutions Group, an African contract service provider, recently handed over a generous donation of ZAR250 000 to the Chris Burger Petro Jackson Players’ Fund through the Tsebo Solutions Group Foundation.

The Chris Burger Petro Jackson Players’ Fund is an organisation that serves as a pillar of support to all rugby players within South Africa, that sustain catastrophic, disabling and life-changing injuries while participating in the game.

First to hear of traumatic injuries through the BokSmart (National Rugby Safety Programme) reporting process, the Players’ Fund assesses the immediate needs of the individual and their family and steps in to assist and provide logistical and human support.

Together with BokSmart and SA Rugby, the Fund is involved in efforts to make rugby safer and to prevent similar injuries from happening. This is done by creating awareness around rugby injuries and by educating rugby coaches and referees to ensure that seriously injured players are looked after as effectively as possible on the field to reduce long-term injury.

“After considering the needs of severely injured players, we step in and purchase the essentials, which often includes imperative mobility equipment and other assistive devices needed. This aims to ease the significant financial strain on the families while they adapt to caring for someone with a disability,” explains Tori Gardner, Players Fund Marketing and Event Coordinator.

“Although we receive an annual grant from the South African Rugby Union, for which we are extremely grateful, we also rely heavily on corporate sponsorship and regular donations from individuals and organisations alike. We are truly appreciative of the generous donation made by Tsebo Solutions Group which we will be utilising on previously disadvantaged injured players.

“Our mission is to ease the journey of our recipients’ transition from active on the rugby field to living life with a disability and we will continue to do so as long as we are able,” adds Gardner.

Jackie Mehlomakulu, Tsebo Foundation Manager handed over the donation and expressed her admiration for the work the Players’ Fund does.

“We believe that there is a great need for this organisation and we hope that our donation will help them to continue doing the wonderful work that they do. We see the strong developmental approach that the Players’ Fund encompasses and the donation signifies our desire to help the previously disadvantaged players that are in need,” Mehlomakulu concludes.

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