The Chris Burger Petro Jackson Players’ Fund has been selected as the CSI partner for the official, soon to be released, Springbok World Champions Ring, a gold and diamond ring set created for Rugby World Cup Gold Medal holders, as well as 100 limited edition rings for fans and private collectors.

Shaun Adler from Major Players (the company that will be selling the ring) says, “We are really excited to have the Players’ Fund on board as our CSI partner for this project. The World Champions ring is a celebration of our country and the Springboks, so it’s great to partner and contribute towards the Springboks charity of choice. They are an incredible organisation which commemorated 40 years of service to rugby last year and we look forward to building a long-term relationship with them”.

Adler went on to say, “This ring presents a great opportunity for winning team members and fans alike to invest in this one of a kind, limited edition piece of sporting memorabilia. Due to its extremely limited nature, these rings are also expected to appreciate in years to come”.

“This is a proudly South African product in its true essence, designed, manufactured and made from raw materials mined in South Africa, celebrating a truly iconic South African brand. Buyers can feel good about that, as well as the support they will provide to South African rugby players who have suffered major injuries on the field”.

Chairman of the Players’ Fund, Jean de Villiers says “As the official charity of the Springboks and as a non-profit striving to make a positive impact in the lives of our 104 recipients, we are grateful to have been selected as the beneficiary of 5% of the sales of the Springbok World Champions Ring. Players and collectors of these rings will have a valuable memento while also contributing to support the seriously injured rugby players in SA and making sure that they are never forgotten.

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