Go well Friend!

We hosted a surprise farewell honoring our former General Manager & Injured Player Welfare officer, Gail Baerecke, to thank her for her years of service to the Players’ Fund. A night spent with the team, family, friends and trustees, all coming together to celebrate nearly two decades of caring.

For 18 years, @gailbaeracke has been selflessly serving the Players’ Fund and our recipients, not only as a staff member of the Players’ Fund, but as a friend, mentor, motivator, motherly figure and confidant.

A (Gail) force to be reckoned with, her undoubted devotion and great heart has played a major role in the Fund’s growth and success and her legacy will forever endure.

Although our hearts are heavy as we say goodbye, we are so appreciative of every minute that we have been able to serve with Gail as part of our team.