Quenton Steele’s Story – Project Hero 2019

The Players’ Fund Project Hero sponsored by Canon SA is a visual documentary of five rugby players in South Africa whose lives were changed by serious injuries on the field whilst playing at different levels of the game. Their stories of determination, hope, dignity and the strength of the human spirit, illustrate heroic qualities which inspire and showcase the impact that the Players’ Fund has on their lives. In order to continue playing the role of Rugby’s Caring Hands, the Players’ Fund appeals to the rugby-loving public to see their faces, hear their stories and choose this worthy cause for charitable giving.

Quenton Steele – Imagine you are confined to a chair, all you can move is your head, you breathe at night whilst sleeping with the aid of a ventilator attached through a hole in your throat.

You are completely dependent on others to feed you, scratch your ear, wipe your nose and adjust your clothing.

For Quenton Steele, this became a reality after he ran on to the field for False Bay Rugby Club in Cape Town on 17 March 1998. He was 30 years old at the time, excited to head home to his wife and 13-month old son. In the blink of an eye the Steele family picture and future changed.

20 years later, Captain Quenton Steele is a hero in the eyes of all that meet him and he embodies the strength of the human spirit.

So much so, that it would be easy to forget whilst talking to him that he is in fact in a wheelchair.